Sokol Inc. has an experienced workforce and modern equipment available to provide the services listed below to complete your project:

  1. Erosion and sediment control/soil conservation
  2. Clearing and grubbing
  3. Excavating
  4. Storm Drainage systems
  5. Water mains and services
  6. Sewer mains and laterals
  7. Electric, communication, gas trench
  8. Stone placement
  9. Laser blade control grading
  10. Hauling
  11. Asphalt paving
  12. Concrete curbs
  13. Concrete sidewalks
  14. Septic systems
  15. Demolition
  16. Street sweeping
  17. Snow plowing/removal

We are committed to provide quality services and materials to complete your project whether it is for residential, commercial or public agency.